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Board Furnace Blower Control Circuit R40403-003 Armstrong
[ARM R40403-003]
Board Furnace Blower Control Circuit R40403-003 Armstrong
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R40403-003 Armstrong Air Furnace Blower Control Circuit Board

The Armstrong R40403-003 blower control replaces all 40403-001, 40403-002 and ST9120A, B or C blower controls. The R40403-003 blower control provides outputs for a 2 speed indoor blower motor and single speed inducer motor. The control receives inputs from the thermostat (W, Y, and G), pressure switch, and high temperature limit switches. The control also provides user selectable blower delays through dip switch settings. The 24 volt circuit of this control is protected by a 5 amp replaceable automotive type fuse.

Product Specifications:

  • Replaces: R40403-001, R40403-002, 20054502
  • Operating Line Voltage: 85 to 135 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Secondary Control Voltage: 18.0 to 30.0 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Maximum Blower Loading: 15FLA, 30LRA @ 120 VAC; 7.5FLA, 15LRA @ 240 VAC
  • Maximum Inducer Loading: 3FLA, 10LRA @ 120 VAC; 1.5FLA, 5LRA @ 240 VAC
  • Humidifier Terminal: .8A @ 115 VAC
  • Electronic Air Cleaner: .8A @ 115 VAC

Available Product Literature:
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Known to Fit These Furnaces:

  • EG7H100DC20-1, EG6G50DC8-4, EG6G75DC8-4, EG6G75DC10-4, EG6G100DC12-4, EG6G100DC20-4, EG6G125DC12-4, EG6G125DC20-4, EG6G150DC20-4, EG6G75DC16-4, EG6G50DC14-4, EG8G50DC8-1, EG8G75DC10-1, EG8G75DC12-1, EG8G100DC14-1, EG8G100DC16-1, EG8G125DC14-1, EG8G125DC20-1, EG8G150DC20-1, EG8G50DC14-1, EG8G100DC20-1, EG8G75DC16-1, EG8G50DC8-2, EG8G75DC12-2, EG8G100DC14-2, EG8G125DC14-2, EG8G50DC14-2, EG7G50DC8-1, EG7G75DC10-1, EG7G100DC14-1, EG7G100DC16-1, EG7G125DC20-1, EG7G150DC20-1, EG5G100DC12-1, EG5G125DC16-1, EG5G150DC20-1, EG5G75DC12-1, EG6H40DC8-1, EG6H40DC14-1, EG6H60DC8-1, EG6H60DC14-1, EG6H80DC14-1, EG6H80DC20-1, EG6H100DC20-1, EDG6H40DC8-1, EDG6H60DC8-1, EDG6H60DC14-1, EDG6H80DC14-1, EDG6H100DC20-1, EG7H40DC12-1, EG7H60DC14-1, EG7H80DC16-1, EG7H100DC20-1, GUJ050D10-1, GUJ075D10-1, GUJ075D14-1, GUJ100D12-1, GUJ100D14-1, GUJ100D20-1, GUJ125D14-1, GUJ125D20-1, GUJ150D20-1, GUJ075D09-1, GUJ050D10L-1, GUJ075D10L-1, GUJ075D14L-1, GUJ100D12L-1, GUJ100D14L-1, GUJ100D20L-1, GUJ125D14L-1, GUJ125D20L-1, GUJ150D20L-1, GUJ075D09L-1, GUJ050D10-2, GUJ075D10-2, GUJ075D14-2, GUJ100D12-2, GUJ100D14-2, GUJ100D20-2, GUJ125D14-2, GUJ125D20-2, GUJ150D20-2, GUJ075D09-2, GUJ050D10L-2, GUJ075D10L-2, GUJ075D14L-2, GUJ100D12L-2, GUJ100D14L-2, GUJ100D20L-2, GUJ125D14L-2, GUJ125D20L-2, GUJ150D20L-2, GUJ075D09L-2, GUJ050D10-3, GUJ075D10-3, GUJ075D14-3, GUJ100D12-3, GUJ100D14-3, GUJ100D20-3, GUJ125D14-3, GUJ125D20-3, GUJ150D20-3, GUJ075D09-3, GUJ050D10L-3, GUJ075D10L-3, GUJ075D14L-3, GUJ100D12L-3, GUJ100D14L-3, GUJ100D20L-3, GUJ125D14L-3, GUJ125D20L-3, GUJ150D20L-3, GUJ075D09L-3, GUJ100ND20-3, GUJ125ND20-3, GUJ100ND20L-3, GUJ125ND20L-3, GUK050D10-1, GUK050D12-1, GUK075D14-1, GUK075D20-1, GUK100D14-1, GUK100D20-1, GUK125D20-1, GUK075D10-1, GUK050D10-2, GUK050D12-2, GUK075D14-2, GUK075D20-2, GUK100D14-2, GUK100D20-2, GUK125D20-2, GUK075D10-2, GUK050D10-3, GUK050D12-3, GUK075D10-3, GUK075D14-3, GUK075D20-3, GUK100D14-3, GUK100D20-3, GUK125D20-3, GCK050D10-1, GCK050D12-1, GCK075D14-1, GCK075D20-1, GCK100D14-1, GCK100D20-1, GCK125D20-1, GCK050D10-2, GCK050D12-2, GCK075D14-2, GCK075D20-2, GCK100D14-2, GCK100D20-2, GCK125D20-2, GCK050D10-3, GCK050D12-3, GCK075D14-3, GCK075D20-3, GCK100D14-3, GCK100D20-3, GCK125D20-3, GCJ050D10-1, GCJ050D14-1, GCJ075D10-1, GCJ075D14-1, GCJ100D12-1, GCJ100D14-1, GCJ100D20-1, GCJ125D20-1, GCJ150D20-1, GCJ050D10-2, GCJ050D14-2, GCJ075D10-2, GCJ075D14-2, GCJ100D12-2, GCJ100D14-2, GCJ100D20-2, GCJ125D20-2, GCJ150D20-2, GCJ075D10L-1, GCJ075D14L-1, GCJ100D12L-1, GCJ100D14L-1, GCJ100D20L-1, GCJ125D20L-1, GCJ150D20L-1, GCJ125D16-2, GCJ050D14-3, GCJ075D10-3, GCJ075D14-3, GCJ100D12-3, GCJ100D14-3, GCJ100D20-3, GCJ125D16-3, GCJ125D20-3, GCJ150D20-3, GCJ050D10L-2, GCJ050D14L-2, GCJ075D10L-2, GCJ075D14L-2, GCJ100D12L-2, GCJ100D14L-2, GCJ100D20L-2, GCJ125D20L-2, GCJ150D20L-2, GCJ050D14-4, GCJ075D10-4, GCJ075D14-4, GCJ100D12-4, GCJ100D14-4, GCJ100D20-4, GCJ125D16-4, GCJ125D20-4, GCJ150D20-4, GCJ050D10-4, GCJ050D10L-3, GCJ050D14L-3, GCJ075D10L-3, GCJ075D14L-3, GCJ100D12L-3, GCJ100D14L-3, GCJ100D20L-3, GCJ125D20L-3, GCJ150D20L-3, GHJ050D10-1, GHJ050D14-1, GHJ075D14-1, GHJ100D14-1, GHJ100D20-1, GHJ125D20-1, GHJ075D16-1, GHJ075D09-1, GHJ050D10L-1, GHJ050D14L-1, GHJ075D09L-1, GHJ075D14L-1, GHJ075D16L-1, GHJ100D14L-1, GHJ100D20L-1, GHJ125D20L-1, GHJ050D10-2, GHJ050D14-2, GHJ075D14-2, GHJ100D14-2, GHJ100D20-2, GHJ125D20-2, GHJ075D16-2, GHJ075D09-2, GHJ050D10L-2, GHJ050D14L-2, GHJ075D09L-2, GHJ075D14L-2, GHJ075D16L-2, GHJ100D14L-2, GHJ100D20L-2, GHJ125D20L-2, GHJ075ND16-1, GHJ075ND16L-1, GHJ050D10-3, GHJ050D14-3, GHJ075D14-3, GHJ100D14-3, GHJ100D20-3, GHJ125D20-3, GHJ075D16-3, GHJ075D09-3, GHJ075ND16-3, GHJ050D10L-3, GHJ050D14L-3, GHJ075D09L-3, GHJ075D14L-3, GHJ075D16L-3, GHJ100D14L-3, GHJ100D20L-3, GHJ125D20L-3, GHJ075ND16L-3, GHJ050D10-4, GHJ050D14-4, GHJ075D09-4, GHJ075D14-4, GHJ075D16-4, GHJ075ND16-4, GHJ100D14-4, GHJ100D20-4, GHJ125D20-4, GHJ050ND12-3, GU93A045D10-1, GU93A045D12-1, GU93A070D10-1, GU93A070D14-1, GU93A090D14-1, GU93A090D20-1, GU93A115D20-1, GU93A045D10-2, GU93A045D12-2, GU93A070D10-2, GU93A070D14-2, GU93A090D14-2, GU93A090D20-2, GU93A115D20-2, GU93A045D10-3, GU93A045D12-3, GU93A070D10-3, GU93A070D14-3, GU93A090D14-3, GU93A090D20-3, GU93A115D20-3, GH90A050D12-1, GH90A075D14-1, GH90A100D14-1, GH90A100D20-1, GH90A125D20-1, GC93A045D10-1, GC93A067D14-1, GC93A067ND20-1, GC93A067D20-1, GC93A090D14-1, GC93A090D20-1, GC93A112D20-1, GC93A045D12-1, GCH80B050D12-1, GCH80B075D14-1, GCH80B100D14-1, GCH80B100D20-1, GCH80B125D20-1, GCH80B150D20-1, GCH80B050D12L-1, GCH80B075D14L-1, GCH80B100D14L-1, GCH80B100D20L-1, GCH80B125D20L-1, GCH80B150D20L-1, GUH80B050D12-1, GUH80B075D14-1, GUH80B100D14-1, GUH80B100D20-1, GUH80B125D20-1, GUH80B150D20-1, GUH80B050D12L-1, GUH80B075D14L-1, GUH80B100D14L-1, GUH80B100D20L-1, GUH80B125D20L-1, GUH80B150D20L-1

Board Furnace Blower Control Circuit R40403-003 Armstrong
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This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 19 October, 2010.
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